Famille de cyclistes au sommet du mont Lachat face au Mont Blanc

Summer activities

Crest-Voland Cohennoz in summer ... a paradise for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts! Enjoy a multitude of activities: hiking, mountain biking, climbing, paragliding, fishing and much more! An unspoilt setting to combine relaxation and outdoor sports, surrounded by the most beautiful massifs in the Alps.


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From Crest-Voland and Cohennoz, over 90 km of marked hiking trails of varying levels, through forests and alpine pastures.

(Itineraries taken from the Topo Guide Pédestre, on sale at the Tourist Office)

  • Le Sentier des Arpelières :

    An ideal family hike, accessible by chairlift.
    On this trail, you'll discover the fauna of the peat bog in an atmosphere reminiscent of Scandinavian landscapes.
    Easy route: Distance: 3.6 km | Duration: 1h15

  • Mont Lachat stroller itinerary :

    Ideal route for baby carriages, accessible by chairlift
    Discover the Mont Lachat lake and enjoy an exceptional view of Mont Blanc.
    Easy route: Distance: 1.2 km | Duration: 0h45

  • Le Lachat from Crest-Voland (Trail) :

    A trail between mountain pastures and forests
    A tour of Mont Lachat for mountain runners. Enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery Crest-Voland has to offer on this 6.5km loop, culminating at the Mont Lachat lake with a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc.
    Average route: Distance: 6.5 km | Duration: 1h40

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Mont Lachat
Le Cernix - Cohennoz
Le sentier des arpelières

Mountain bike fan? Cycling routes

The Val d'Arly is a site approved by the French Cycling Federation: 250 km of trails to discover the mid-mountain relief of the Val d'Arly.

In Crest-Voland Cohennoz, several downhill trails of varying levels.

Cycling for all tastes!

Discover our enduro MTB itineraries accessible by chairlift:
(itineraries taken from the Topo Guide VTT on sale at the Tourist Office)

Croix de la Varoche: Easy route: Distance: 3.8 km | Duration: 0h20
Tour du Lachat: Easy route: Distance: 5 km | Duration: 0h30
VIT ECO BLEU: Easy route: Distance: 7.8km | Duration: 0h40
VIT ECO ROUGE: Difficult route: Distance: 3.5 hm | Duration: 0h45
Les Chardons: Difficult route: Distance: 3 km | Duration: 0h30
Les Auges: Difficult route: Distance: 4.7 km | Duration: 0h30

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Espace Cristal Vert

Famille de 4 cyclistes au sommet du Mont Lachat

Do you still want more? With the Cristal Vert ski pass, access all the mountain bike trails and lifts in Les Saisies/Hauteluce and Crest-Voland Cohennoz!

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Get away from it all and discover a wide range of summer activities at Crest-Voland

Fishing at Mont Lachat lake
Climbing & via ferrata
Orienteering courses


Escaladventure - Parcours du Nant Rouge


This exceptional course, designed in the form of workshops, offers a unique experience for exploring the Nant Rouge canyon below in a variety of ways. You'll find bridges, footbridges and impressive zip lines (up to 160 metres long and 45 metres high), as well as VIA FERRATA elements, via corda, handrails and goat paths

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The Mottets rock-climbing site is classified as a Terrain d'Aventure. Accessible from Crest-Voland via a path leading down to Ugine, you can discover this unique site on your own or with a guide.

You'll be in a natural setting where the state of the equipment and its upkeep are variable, and may not always comply with the standards of the Fédération Française de Montagne et d'Escalade (FFME).

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